About Us

The overarching goal of the Hotel Oakland Village is to encourage other senior communities to follow our mottos: “Participation = Good Health” and “Improving Lives by Rethinking Healthy Senior Living.” Our story begins in July of 2011, when the Hotel Oakland Village was formed with a goal of reducing the serious negative health impact of senior isolation.  Over the last 5 years, we have grown from 8 resident-managed Health Groups to 15 vibrant Health Groups with over 80% resident participation.  Over this time, we have also become a recognized national model for healthy senior living that has successfully reduced isolation among the almost 400 Hotel Oakland Village residents.

We are now entering into a new and exciting phase of the Hotel Oakland Village with the February 2016 introduction of the “Village Health and Wellness Connection” where Village residents will receive a confidential, long-term “Wellness Plan” that will be regularly monitored and adjusted as residents age in place at the Hotel Oakland Village.

We are pleased to report that we have had outstanding resident participation in the “Wellness Connection” since the February introduction. Within two weeks of the February announcement, almost 100% of our residents signed up for the “Wellness Connection.” Bravo to the Hotel Oakland Village Residents!

In addition to the 15 Village Health Groups and the Village Health & Wellness Connection, Hotel Oakland offers a multitude of free on-site services to assist with residents’ desire to reduce isolation and live independently.

In addition to the wide range of free services and activities at Hotel Oakland Village, our Hotel Oakland Village Partner, Family Bridges, offers two on-site Hong Fook Senior Centers  which are highly cost-effective alternatives to nursing homes and are available to all eligible Hotel Oakland residents exactly when they need to use these comprehensive health services.  This unique on-site service allows Hotel Oakland residents to maximize available health benefits and enhance healthy independent living.  In addition to the extensive health services available to Hotel Oakland Village residents, approximately 70% of the Hotel Oakland residents are provided daily assistance in their homes through the In-Home Supportive Services Program (IHSS).  The IHSS Caregiver services offered include house-keeping, grocery shopping, transportation, personal care assistance, medication management, and meal preparation.  Comprehensive, age-appropriate Social Programs and access to the many health professionals at Hong Fook complete the myriad of free on-site services Hotel Oakland Village offers the residents.

Through participation in the Hotel Oakland Village 15 Health Groups and the innovative “Wellness Connection”, residents can successfully fight isolation and remain healthy and vibrant longer. Now, with the free advanced health services of the “Wellness Connection”, In Home Supportive Services, social programs, and the many full-time on-site health professionals at Hong Fook, residents will be able to maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle for many years.

The residents’ high level of participation and dedication to their health has been the key to the success of the Hotel Oakland Village.  Our motto, “PARTICIPATION = GOOD HEALTH!” is truly exemplified in the successful health culture at Hotel Oakland Village that fights isolation daily.

We sincerely hope that other senior communities can follow our model in some way.