Miracle Cure

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Resident of Apt. M20
You Hua Liao

For all my life, it happened in 1991, I suffered the most terrible stroke.

One day, suddenly, I felt, my eyes dim, earth seemed moving, turning up side down.  I fainted away on the floor. Later when I started conscious, everything is blurred, ears ringing, half of my body numb, hands and feet were stiffed. I could not even speak, horrified, and pained, but no way to express.

After the emergency medical treatments, I was saved from the dangerous situation. Though I escaped death, I had to face the effects, half daft, half mute, half conscious but half confuse.  In such conditions, the best way I found was to join an rehabilitation center where I had health care, and at the same time, I stayed in my own living unit, quietly, lonely, taking medicines according to the doctors. More than ten years, I did not rehabilitated but continued dependent of dressing, eating…. a disabled.

I continue running and searching all around to look for a miracle cure for rehabilitation. In this world of endless sea, where?  Oh! It is not at the other end of the sky, but just before our eyes.

Our Hotel Oakland building, is the first free and multiple activities choices village in the America. Our kind and friendly owner, Mr. Bill has a very creative idea to turn the isolated units into a social related village, offering chance to have healthy life for elders. He gave generous sum of money and nominated Ms. Magen and Ms. Nancy Lu to carry out his objective. With the dedicated and caring effort of Ms. Nancy Lu, large amount of volunteers joined and bravely they formed 13 groups, holding the main idea :  “ Happiness = Health = Long live “  And many activities grown up from this ideal.

I gradually joined 7 groups activities as: Health Mind Group, Exercise Group, Healthy Eating Group, Participation = Good health Group, Discussion Group, Personal Safety Group, Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group.

After nearly 3 years’ group activities, learning, discussing, and practicing, my spiritual mood had a big change, from depress, uncertain, wandering,

to bright and light, from hopeless and lonely to loving group up. Now, I used to see the groups activities, the friendly and known faces, to hear their joyful and laughing voices, to talk about life, to discuss about experiences concerning health. I learned many ideas about health. I changed my eating habits and eating stuff. More importantly is, finally I am strong enough to face difficulties and obstacles. I firmly keep adequate exercise and activities, the movements of arms, legs and shoulder to push blood flow along the body, so to increase healthy eating and to keep my body healthy.

I am contented that I recovered from the effects of the stroke. For me, the 13 village activities groups together, is “Miracle Cure”  Now I am as healthy as the people of my age. Thinking , seeing, and speaking capacity are totally normal, a little bit weak of physical movement, but I can stand and walk and keep my daily living by myself.

For one who experienced the threat of death, will surely feel to live is great. Today, I am confident to live till 93, and my hope for life is 99.

So, our Village is by itself, a perfect big health garden and at the same time, a big warm family.


Resident of Apt. M20
You Hua Liao