“I’m proud to have Hotel Oakland Village in my district, in Chinatown, where the motto is “Participation = Good Health.” The Village was formed in 2011 and designed specifically for low-income seniors to end isolation through group activities and meetings held on site, with Family Bridges providing residents culturally competent and linguistically appropriate healthcare. Our seniors have given their lives to better this world and to raise the leaders of today. It is right and just that the Village is piloting a model of care that respects seniors’ desire to live independently, and in community, especially in a time when Oakland is challenged by severe displacement pressures!”

Rob Bonta
California State Assembly Member, 18th District

“Advancing the idea of engaging older adults in their own health and well-being, Hotel Oakland’s ‘Village Health & Wellness Connection’ program is an innovative model that addresses the key issues that support ongoing independence. Hotel Oakland provides an extensive array of services that complement resident-directed activities as well as support older adults in the broader community.  The ‘Village Health & Wellness Connection’ is a robust program that can also serve as a replicable model for other communities throughout the U.S.”


David A. Lindeman, PhD
Director Health, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, University of California | Director, Center for Technology and Aging http://citris-uc.org/person/david-lindeman-2/

“Person-centered care is important because it is care that is respectful and responsive to each individual person’s preferences, needs, and values. Hotel Oakland’s new resident wellness and person-centered program known as the ‘Village’ is a model program that should be emulated across many residential and clinical settings because it empowers residents to be active decision-makers in their care.”

Wilma Chan
Alameda County Board of Supervisor | District 3

“Hotel Oakland is the quintessential community facility, where neighbor supports neighbor and residents of all kinds enjoy a variety of services in addition to comfortable, affordable shelter. There is a constant vibrancy at the Hotel Oakland. And, so too the “village” atmosphere that pervades the residency thrives. After a day there, one feels like they belong. Hotel Oakland is what an aging population is looking for: a blend of community, services and affordable shelter – a model for the rest of the nation.”

Tim Coyle
Former California Housing Director, Department of Housing & Community Development

“In my 20+ years of service as an elected state and local official, Bill Langelier stands tall as a “pragmatic visionary” who has accomplished at Hotel Oakland Village what has never been accomplished before. And he did so without fanfare or self-aggrandizement. Bill’s indomitable human spirit, talents and leadership made Hotel Oakland a truly unique, self- sustaining senior community within an urban community. There was no problem, obstacle or setback Bill was not able to resolve, largely with his infinite patience and determination to build something special for this most deserving community. And he succeeded beyond all expectations. If it’s not possible to replicate Bill Langelier, let us hope others may replicate his outstanding work and achievement with Hotel Oakland Village.”

Don Perata
California State Senate President Pro Tem Retired

“This is a full-blown medical situation. There are others that offer meals or have some adult day care, but this one is integrating doctor support, helping you figure out how to buy a walker, all kinds of things. When people are connected, that really helps them.”  Someone else loves them and makes them feel valued. … Because usually at these places, people just sit in their rooms. This is on the cutting edge. If this could play out with other seniors, it would be very beneficial.”

Tom Azumbrado
San Francisco Multifamily HUB Director – US Department of Housing & Urban Development

“Hotel Oakland’s ‘Village Health & Wellness Connection’ initiative is an innovative concept in senior living. By co-locating housing, health care, adult day-care center, culturally-appropriate social activities, and social services, Hotel Oakland helps to overcome some of the access barriers that typically are faced by low-income seniors. Perhaps most innovative are efforts to create a wellness culture throughout the building, with residents playing a key role in implementing health promotion activities.”

Dr. Andrew Scharlach
Kleiner Professor of Aging, School of Social Welfare - University of California Socialwelfare

“This program is part of a movement to save those of us baby boomers who will be aging from drowning. You’ll find that this is a very wonderful and innovative program that will allow you to stay here for the rest of your lives and to age in place. And you know that the main goal of this program is to provide better quality of life for you all, and for you to be able to stay here as long as you live.”

Corinne Jan
CEO - Family Bridges, Inc. Fambridges

“That’s our goal, to create a model where other senior communities might scale this in some fashion. This is repeatable in senior properties that are affordable. Most senior facilities across the country have program directors and it would be a relatively simple matter to retrain them as wellness directors. With this plan our residents can avoid institutionalization and be able to live out their lives independently.”

William Langelier
Partner - Hotel Oakland Associates HotelOaklandVillage


Resident Quotes


Ms. Hsiao Lan Kung Ting, age 89:
“These programs are so important for us physically and spiritually. If it weren’t for Hotel Oakland, I don’t know where I’d be. Hotel Oakland is a big family. The attention to health education for seniors, that is so important. We need help. Without it, we don’t live. We don’t live at all.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“We are trying to find words to express our appreciation for this special occasion, a meeting of volunteers, to commemorate the rewarding existence of Hotel Oakland Village after 9 months. We want to say that we residents of the Village are happy, enjoying good health, and having an active spirit under your caring leadership and with the strong support of the office staff giving us the opportunity to develop. We will, in the future, surely participate in all the activities with our full effort. Happy 99th Anniversary of Hotel Oakland. Hold on to our challenge: Be the Model of the America! Drink to our good health and success!”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“Here I give my heart words: We are lucky, living at Hotel Oakland Village. We are not only residents, we are neighbors. The best of all, we are neighbors helping neighbors. We love each other and we live harmoniously. May God bless this Village and all of us.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I have been living in Hotel Oakland for one and a half years. I am originally from Kowloon, Hong Kong. I moved to Oakland when I left Hong Kong. My first job in the U.S. was at a bakery, and I was a baker for three years here in Chinatown. I am 72 years old and I have two children. I am a dancing instructor here in Hotel Oakland, it has provided me to stay healthy with exercise, as well as meet lots of new friends.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I have Parkinson’s disease and my husband is deaf. I couldn’t walk for a while, but my legs are getting better. Being in Hotel Oakland has allowed me to join lots of social activities. I love my community and being able to care for others keeps me in good spirits. I learned Mahjong here!”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“Being at Hotel Oakland is like being a part of a big happy family. I have been able to improve my English with help from the staff. I also learned how to use a computer from the classes here. I am very involved in the Health Groups and being here makes me feel more fulfilled in life.”


Ms. Hui-Zhen Li, age 89:
“Don’t think you are useless because you’re old. I am 89, and I am not useless. It’s important to always think about your health. You have to always use your brain or you will start to lose memory.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I love living in Hotel Oakland because it is convenient and close to Chinatown. I have made lots of friends through various activities here. I especially enjoy exercising classes, and group celebrations such as birthdays.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I really enjoy living in Hotel Oakland as I have made lots of friends through many activities here. I am also proud to be self-dependent and I am still learning new things every day.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I am almost 80 years old and I try to visit my family as often as I can. My best personal accomplishment in life would have to be the fact that I have been self-sustainable and independent with my work. Here at Hotel Oakland I spend a lot of my time participating in the choir and dance classes.”


Hotel Oakland Village Resident:
“I’ve become very involved with the community and a regular speaker for the health groups. I like being a big influence here as it makes me happy to help the other residents when they turn to me. It’s very fulfilling and I encourage other residents to participate in our groups that focus on physical and mental health.”



Comments on the new Village Health & Wellness Connection:


Ms. Lisi You:
“Looking at the Plan, it is very rich in content. It is very considerate of the seniors’ health. I strongly support this Plan and will join the Plan.”


Ms. Yi Feng Liu:
“This is helping us senior residents customize a Wellness Plan that works for us.”


Mr. Joseph Chen:
“This plan encourages us to participate in achieving better health. It is very well done.”