What are the most common chronic conditions of Hotel Oakland Village residents?

In order to better serve the Village residents and provide more detailed and focused health & wellness services, Wellness Director, Nancy Lu, compiled a list of the most common chronic health issues of the Hotel Oakland Village Residents. Please see the list below and look for more health lectures, events, and information to address these serious issues:


The Most Common Chronic Health Issues of

Hotel Oakland Village Residents


Chronic Diseases


Hypertension (high blood pressure) 215
Hyperlipidemia  (high levels of fats in the blood) 121
Diabetes mellitus 82
Coronary artery disease 68
Arthritis 61
Stomach Problems 45
Dizziness 30
Back Pain 29
Osteoporosis 27
Gout 21
Residual & late effects of stroke 15
Insomnia 15
Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease 14
Depression 7