Free hearing tests offered on-site in the Village lobby!

On April 19th at 10am, 30 residents received a free hearing test that was being offered in the lobby. Hearing loss affects one third of seniors who are 65 and older. Hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression, withdrawal, anger, a loss of self-esteem, and overall unhappiness with life. We had the honor to host the Hearing Aid Specialist Mr. Darren Seelye from Myhre Hearing Aid Services to offer the free hearing test for our residents. Besides providing the hearing test, Mr. Seelye also helped residents who already have a hearing aid adjust their volume and he made referrals for those who need hearing aids. Participants were very thankful that the hearing test is being offered on-site at no cost! Hearing tests will be offered throughout April and May until everyone has had a chance to get a test. Treating hearing loss will not only improve your quality of life but it can also improve your communication with others and reduce isolation.