Health and Wellness Connection

Building on the 15 successful Health Education Groups, in February 2016, Hotel Oakland Village introduced a new program called the “Village Health & Wellness Connection” where Village residents receive a confidential, long-term, customized “Wellness Plan” that is regularly monitored and adjusted as residents “age in place” at the Hotel Oakland Village. Through the support of Nancy Lu, the full-time Wellness Director, and Chrissy Tran, the full-time Nurse Navigator, the “Village Health & Wellness Connection” has been recognized as an innovative, person-centered program available to all Hotel Oakland Village residents that "connects" all residents to the free on-site health and wellness services at Hotel Oakland Village.

In order to keep residents engaged with their Health Plans, in 2017, Wellness Director Nancy Lu announced a new program called “Participate with your Health Plan.” The Health Challenge discussions were launched with residents who suffer from similar health ailments. They meet regularly to discuss and gather information including: Heart Problem Discussion, Stomach Problem Discussion, Arthritic Discussion, Three High Discussion (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar), Music Therapy, Chore Provider Discussion and the Emotional Well-Being Group (launched 2018).

Currently, there is nearly 100% resident participation in the Village Health & Wellness Connection.  The program is a unique service that provides residents a free gateway to a seamless transition from Independent Living (Phase 1) to on-site Assisted Living level services (Phase 2) to on-site skilled nursing level services (Phase 3) as they "age in place" without having to relocate to other health facilities.

For more information, please contact Nancy Lu, Hotel Oakland Village Health &Wellness Director at:, and please visit our website at:

Nancy Lu, Wellness Director