Hearing Loss – A special Hotel Oakland Village Topic for 2019

We are very excited about 2019 and the continued dedication to the Village residents’ health. In the first quarter of 2019, hearing loss will be a special health topic for Village residents. Hearing loss is an issue that affects up to 50% of all seniors. Left untreated, hearing loss can be linked to depression and social isolation and can have serious negative emotional and social consequences. In February, professionals from Hong Fook will be doing a presentation about “Hearing Loss.” All residents, chore providers, family and friends are invited to join the presentation and learn about hearing loss and the different types of hearing aids. The Hotel Oakland Village has also purchased an “iHEARtest” which is an FDA-cleared home hearing test. Staff will be making appointments for residents to get their hearing tested with the on-site Nurse Navigator throughout the first quarter. Please stay tuned for more information about the hearing loss presentation and testing. Remember that Participation = Good Health!


我們對2019年的到來以及繼續致力於住客健康感到興奮。在2019年第一季度,聽力損失將成為屋村住客的一個特殊健康主題。聽力損失是一個影響到高達50%的老年人的問題。 如果不及時治療,聽力損失可能與抑鬱和社會孤立有關,並可能產生嚴重的負面情緒和社會問題。在2月份,康福園的專業醫護人員將會舉辦一個關於“聽力損失”的講座。我們誠意邀請所有住客,家居護理人員和親朋參加此講座了解聽力損失和不同類型的助聽器。屋崙公寓屋村還購買了“iHEARtest”,這是經過食品藥品監督管理局批准的家庭聽力測試。工作人員將在第一季為住客預約與本大廈的註冊護士做聽力測試。請繼續關注有關聽力損失的講座和測試的更多信息。 請謹記,參與就是健康!