Hearing Loss Program Launched at Hotel Oakland Village!

On Tuesday, February 26th, the Hotel Oakland Village was excited to launch the Hearing Loss program with a seminar by Hearing Aid Specialist Mr. Darren Seelye from Myhre Hearing Aid Services. Over 200 residents, chore providers, friends and family attended the event. Mr. Seelye explained that hearing loss affects 50% of seniors who are 75 years old. The majority of these seniors who have hearing loss don’t wear a hearing aid. Hearing loss can have effect on one’s physical health and social health. These effects are: losing concentration, decline of speech comprehension, having difficulties communicating with others, memory loss, unwillingness to meet new friends, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, withdrawal from social life and isolation. These issued can be solved by simply getting a hearing test and getting hearing aids if you need them. Mr. Seelye answered many questions from our residents about hearing aids and hearing test. He then demonstrated how the hearing test is done. Mr. Seelye then explained that some people refuse to wear hearing aids because they are incorrectly adjusted. He offered that anyone can come to their office for an adjustment if they feel like they need one.

Mr. Seelye has offered free on-site hearing testing to all Hotel Oakland Village residents! Many residents have already signed up. The sign-up sheet is available in the office and will be brought to all Village activities and Health Group meetings.