Heartfelt thank you from a Village Resident

At the recent Hotel Oakland Village holiday celebration on December 13th, Wellness Director, Nancy Lu, wanted to share a very inspiring story from one of our thankful residents. She also presented Mr. Bill Langelier with a gift – a photo of the resident along with a copy of his letter.

Nancy’s introduction:

Welcome to our holiday celebration!
Today, I’m so glad to start with a very delightful incident. Recently, a kind gentleman came to my wellness office. The purpose of his visit was to give a very heartfelt thanks about his feelings on the Wellness Plan and activities that Hotel Oakland Village provides. He sincerely expressed his thanks to our respectable Mr. Bill Langelier and appeared at our H&W Connection Board members’ meeting to emphasize and request cooperation from all the board members and Ms. Nancy Lu to help give thanks to Mr. Bill Langelier on behalf of all residents of Hotel Oakland Village.
Now, I would like to present this gentleman, Mr. Tai Yi of #702 to give his own impression of Mr. Bill Langelier. Let’s welcome Mr. Yi.

Resident, Mr. Tai Yi, then read his letter to Mr. Langelier:

Respectable Mr. Bill,
Nowadays, we are living in an economic predominate society. But our owner Mr. Bill is different. He is perfect with love and justice. He respects our Chinese civilization. Practically, he assigned many health activities and provide many exercise equipment. In condition to be the model senior home. I’m 97, in all my life, I’ve never met a man intentionally well treated elders like Mr. Bill.
I must emphasize the fact that all of us are individually recorded and analyzed and grouped into different interact health and wellness discussion groups hosted by Health & Wellness board members and conducted by specialized professional technicians. Advance technics are used such as health related episodes and the music therapy. The focus is Mr. Bill so wisely assigned Ms. Nancy Lu to conduct the complex job and she delightfully and successfully completed. The practice of the health and wellness plan keep us happy, healthy and so to save the medical expense of State. We, residents of Hotel Oakland should be graceful especially to our owner Mr. Bill. We are graceful to have our old age life happy and healthy. Our hearty thanks!
– Resident of #702 Tai Yi (Translated by Shao Lan Ting)

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