Hong Fook

Full Time On-Site Health Services Provided by the
Hong Fook Community-Based Adult Services Centers
at Hotel Oakland Village

Two Hong Fook Community-Based Adult Services Centers (CBAS Centers) are located in the historic ballroom and dining rooms at Hotel Oakland.  The Centers help frail elderly and adults with disabilities regain their ability to live independently and ease the need for family and nursing home care by providing health services and therapeutic activities in a safe and supportive environment.  The centers are a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and are available to all eligible Hotel Oakland residents.  This unique on-site service allows Hotel Oakland residents to maximize available health benefits and enhance healthy independent living.

The full-time Nurse Navigator at the on-site Hong Fook Center, along with the full-time Health and Wellness Connection’s Director, work with the Hotel Oakland Village residents to receive a complete social and health assessment resulting in a comprehensive, long-term resident “Wellness Plan”.  Implementation of their Wellness Plan, and the ability to attend the on-site Hong Fook Center during the day, allows residents at Hotel Oakland to have the opportunity to continue to “age in place”, minimizing hospitalizations, and avoiding nursing homes.

On-site health professionals available to Hotel Oakland residents through the “connection” between Hong Fook and the Hotel Oakland Village Health & Wellness Connection include:

  • nurse practitioner
  • registered nurses
  • speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • physical therapists
  • dietitians
  • social workers
  • activities coordinators

On-site services available to Hotel Oakland residents through the “connection” between the Hong Fook “Nurse Navigator” and the “Wellness Director” at the Hotel Oakland Village Health & Wellness Connection. These services include:

  • weekly nurse consultation on-site
  • nursing care
  • weekly vital signs clinic on-site
  • ongoing monitoring of health status
  • assistance with proper medications
  • personal care (e.g. assistance with toileting and grooming) with on-site caregivers
  • health education through seminars, lectures, and 15 Village Health Groups
  • liaison with personal physician
  • rehabilitation (physical and occupational therapy)
  • nutrition enhancement
  • social work & focus on emotional well-being
  • recreation (participation to end isolation)


The on-site services available at Hong Fook and the “Wellness Connection” at Hotel Oakland are materially augmented through the active support of the 15 Hotel Oakland Village Health Groups and the “Wellness Connection” Resident Advisory Board. See description of the Hotel Oakland Village Health Groups.

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