Hotel Oakland Village excited to announce Health Literacy program during 2019 – Seminars announced!

As Bill Langelier explained at the New Year celebration, Hotel Oakland Village is launching a very important program on Health Literacy in 2019. He relayed some very important information:

What is senior health literacy and why is it important? Health Literacy is the ability to obtain and understand basic information needed for you to make smart decisions about your health.

It is critically important because without health literacy you can, for example:

  • Take your medication incorrectly
  • Not understand certain symptoms that can result in a serious health issue
  • Not understand written information about your health diagnosis that can lead to a health crisis

Did you know that only 3% of older adults are fully health literate? That means that 97% of Hotel Oakland Village residents could be better informed about senior health issues!!

On March 14th, we will have a promotional table in the lobby to explain the various seminars and events happening at Hotel Oakland Village to improve residents’ Health Literacy during 2019. Topics to include:

  1. What is Health Literacy?
  2. Communication: Understanding your diagnosis. Tips for remembering and understanding what your doctor told you. Discussing your symptoms and being clear with your doctor about what is happening with your body. Relaying this information to your caretaker, family, Wellness Director and Nurse Navigator.
  3. Understanding your prescriptions, taking them correctly, and understanding any negative drug interactions.
  4. Understanding your medical device(s), how to perform a particular task with your device; demonstrations on correct use. What new devices could help you? (examples include hearing aids, canes, etc.)
  5. Fall Prevention, including fall assessments of resident’s apartments.
  6. Filling out medical forms

Staff will also be announcing a very exciting contest for those residents who participate in each event! Stay tuned!