New Program! Resident Interaction with their Wellness Plans!

On March 23rd, Wellness Director, Nancy Lu held the first meeting about “Interacting with your Wellness Plan.”  In order for residents to benefit more from the Wellness Plans, they will bring their Plans to each meeting and have more in-depth conversations about how to implement the Wellness Plan into your life, get support from residents, family members and health providers, and increase their health literacy and practice.  The meeting was interactive and exciting between the residents and Nancy, while also being educational because of the questionnaires and interesting activities.  Residents better understand that they need to continually work on wellness – you cannot just put the Plan into a drawer and discuss it once every 6 months.  We need to “Interact!”

Interacting - Top Photo

During the meeting many residents shared their thoughts:

Ms. Lisi You – Resident of #732        

Resident 732To me, Wellness Plan is practical, complete and instructive.  Intended to carry out the Wellness Plan, I made up the steps to be followed:

  • To help my chore providers understand my Wellness Plan, I read and explained the meaning of the Wellness Plan so they have a better cooperate result.
  • Posted my Wellness Plan on my family group (WeChat) to let my family members know my actual physical and spiritual situation.
  • Every day, I read my Wellness Plan, and practice according to the orientations.
  • Be thankful to Mr. Bill’s genius ideal and appointed Ms. Nancy Lu to put Wellness Plan to work out.  Now we are on top of the flow of Wellness Health Plan.


Ms. Xiu Fang Zeng – Resident of #720

Resident 720Aging, weak and sick, I’m so worry and sad with intention of suicide.  Looking for health, I came to Wellness office to see Ms. Nancy Lu.  She with loving care, gave me a comprehensive talk.  It delighted my heart.  Now I feel free and strong.  Ready to struggle.  Meeting with Ms. Lu is better than to see medical doctor.  I’m so grateful to Mr. Bill Langelier and Ms. Nancy Lu.  Now every day, the “must” for me is go to the wellness office and tell Ms. Nancy Lu “Today I’m Okay.  Good”.


Ms. Ling Y. Siu-Li – Resident of #423

Resident 423My Wellness Plan I received is definite and complete, clear and instructive.  My husband, my daughter including my chore provider have the same opinions.  Wellness office offers special care for seniors, interacting with the positive response from residents, great expectation is at sight.


Ms. Sui Fong Ho – Resident of #204

Resident 204As a member of wellness plan, I talked with the wellness director Ms. Nancy Lu and the nurse navigator Ms. Zhao about my lumbar vertebrae is getting worse recently.  I told them my doctor suggested to have a surgery.  I’m so worried.  I looked for the wellness director Ms. Lu and opened my case to her.    Ms. Lu and Ms. Zhao gave me some ideas and also ask me to have a second opinion from another doctor.  I also tried to contact the members of village neighbors helping neighbors who passed by this operation.  I really feel that I’m in a big warm family.


Ms. Hsiao Lan Ting Kung – Resident of #444

Resident 444This is Wellness Reception date.  We are lucky to participate as wellness members.  We are grateful to our respectful, genius owner Mr. Bill Langelier who offered time, effort, and financial support to realize such a great wellness program.  Ms. Nancy Lu, the appointed wellness director put the program into actions.  In fact, at this moment:  Wellness program:

  1. Knows and keeps records every detail about each one of us.
  2. Suggests individual wellness plan.
  3. Systemized follow up contacts with participation of the members with his/her family members including caregivers and reporting to wellness responsible members.
  4. Great!  We recognized our real ourselves.  We have right instructions to follow.  We feel the effort of wellness.
  5. Surely we will live a wellness life.