Participate in your Health Plan! New programs announced!

On October 17th, 260 of the Village Health & Wellness Connection members gathered in the Village lobby to attend the “Health Challenge Discussion Kick-Off Meeting.” First, Hotel Oakland Associates Partner, Mr. Bill Langelier announced that there is a new program that allows members to “Participate with Your Health Plan.” He was very proud of what Village Director Megan Jochimsen and Wellness Director Nancy Lu have done for the Wellness Connection, which is one of a kind in America.

Wellness Director Nancy Lu then introduced the new program called “Health Challenge Discussions.” These discussions will meet quarterly with residents who suffer from similar health ailments. They will share information and support one another. Each discussion will consist of 5-6 Wellness Committee members who will gather information and lead the discussions, with the assistance of the Wellness Director and the Nurse Navigator. Nancy was assisted in her introduction of the new discussion groups by the Wellness Committee members who marched up the lobby holding signs to announce their Health Challenges. Each group introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of what their discussions will entail: Heart Health Discussion, Stomach Health Discussion, Chore Provider Discussion, Arthritic Discussion, and Three-High Discussion (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar, or diabetes). As an example of how the Health Challenge Discussions and the other “Participate with your Health Plan” Programs will work, a resident may disclose something during a Health Challenge Discussion about their health status changing or even deteriorating that the Wellness Director and Nurse Navigator will take note of. The Wellness Director and Nurse Navigator will then note the changes and invite the resident in for a nursing consultation or meeting with the Wellness Director to discuss the issue further. This early detection system will allow residents to continue to healthily age in place – by moving into Phase 2 (Assisted Living Level Care at Hong Fook) or Phase 3 (Skilled Nursing Level Care through the Community-Based Health Home {CBHH} at Hong Fook) at Hotel Oakland Village.

After the great explanation of the new Health Challenge Discussion, Megan then gave a speech about social isolation and the Hotel Oakland Village’s additional new program to combat isolation, which will be quarterly, community-wide “End Isolation” meetings! The Hotel Oakland Village is very excited about the new programs to Participate with your Health Plan! Please see upcoming announcements of meeting dates and times starting next week! Remember, Participation = Good Health. Participate in your Health Plan!

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