Stanford University Pilot Program at Hotel Oakland Village to Help Keep Seniors Living Independently!

The Hotel Oakland Village is excited to work with Stanford researchers about a planned new pilot program! The Stanford team is developing new research using thermal technology to monitor seniors in their homes and promote healthy aging in place. The sensors use body heat and motion detection to monitor daily activities of seniors including: eating, sleeping, falls, slowed movements, unstable transfers, day-night reversals, fluid intake, immobility (bed or chair), urinary frequency, restlessness, fever, alcoholic consumption, pill consumption, high salt diet, substance abuse and food consumption. To protect privacy, the sensors produce an unfocused image, where the resident’s identity is protected and can only be accessed by the researchers. The output of this project aims at improving current techniques for: establishing treatment baselines, optimizing intervention planning, monitoring the progress of a treatment, and predicting high risk situations (e.g. injury produced by falls). All daily activities are important, and have an impact on the overall healthy condition of a senior. The motivation for the program is to allow seniors to live at home for longer periods of their lives, to improve their quality of life, and to avoid costly and unwanted institutional care. To achieve such a goal, a better understanding of real human activities is needed. The researchers plan on using up to ten resident volunteers for their project. If successful, the technology has the potential to be widely used as a method of remote caregiving that can be very cost effective and allow seniors to remain living independently. We are thrilled to be considered for this exciting research and will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this ongoing research.