Success Story of a 103-year-old Village Resident!

Wellness Director Nancy Lu is excited to share a success story regarding the partnership between the Village Wellness Director and the Nurse Navigator:

Ms. D is a 103-year-old resident with a history of fluctuating blood pressure, bradycardia (abnormally slow heart), and she is often nonverbal. Ms. D and her daughter came to the Wellness Office for an annual assessment with the Wellness Director Nancy Lu. During the assessment, Ms. Lu found out that Ms. D needed to have her vital signs checked. Ms. Lu discussed it with the daughter and arranged Ms. D’s chore provider to take her mom to see the Nurse Navigator twice a week for vital sign checks. The Nurse Navigator, Chrisy Tran, learned that Ms. D’s chore provider was administering medication that slowed down Ms. D’s heart rate even when her heart rate was already low. The Nurse Navigator provided medication training to Ms. D’s chore provider and showed her how to manually check her heart rate at home. Ms. D’s blood pressure and heart rate are now more stable. Ms. D expresses joy going to see the Wellness Director and Nurse Navigator weekly and told her family: “You don’t need to worry about me anymore, the Wellness Director and Nurse Navigator at Hotel Oakland Village are taking great care of me and checking my blood pressure every week. It’s great because it’s also free!”

Remember that Participation = Good Health! Please make an appointment to see the Nurse Navigator today!