Village Residents! Time to “Activate Your Health Plan!”

Village Residents! Time to “Activate Your Health Plan!” The Hotel Oakland Village is excited to announce the organization of the various Village Health & Wellness Connection meetings as the “Interactive Wellness Discussions!” Since the Village Health & Wellness Connection launched in 2016, Director Nancy Lu has taken the program from an idea to a hugely successful health agenda that provides seamless, coordinated, case management and health care services as residents age in place with a free, long-term “Wellness Plan.”

The new program allows you to “Activate Your Health Plan!” and includes seven highly successful “Interactive Wellness Discussions” including
1. “Three High” Discussion (high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes),
2. Stomach Problem Discussion,
3. Arthritis Discussion,
4. Heart Problem Discussion,
5. Chore Provider Discussion,
6. Music Therapy and very importantly, the
7. Emotional Well-Being Discussion, led by psychologist Dr. Leung.

These highly popular quarterly discussions assist residents to engage with and “activate their Health Plans” and make their health strategies a continual and participatory conversation with significant long-term health benefits to the residents.